West Midlands Association for Contraception and Sexual Health



Shropshire                                                        Elected

Rachel Taylor GP and Sexual Health Doctor  October 2016
Anna Stegeman Sexual Health Nurse  October 2016

Staffordshire North

Ajitha Prasad GP  March 2018
VacantVacant Sexual Health Nurse

Mid and South Staffordshire and Wolverhampton

Arabinda Kundu / Treasurer Sexual Health Doctor  October 2016
Danii Flower Sexual Health Nurse  October 2018

Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall

Sue Whalen – Chair Consultant in Contraception and Sexual Health  October 2014
Heidi Mitchell Matron Sexual Health / HIV  October 2014


Ramez Gabriel GP  October 2016
Christine Carter Sexual Health Nurse  October 2016
Suzanne Jewell Specialist Doctor  March 2018
Isabel Hinckly Sexual Health Nurse  October 2014

Coventry, Warwick and Solihul

Dr John Bland GP  October 2016
Ms Joanna Markgraf Nurse  October 2014

Hereford and Worcester

Penny Stock Consultant in Contraception and Reproductive Health October 2014
Inga Churchman Sexual Health Nurse October 2018